The Secret Apocalyptic Love Diaries

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The Secret Apocalyptic Love Diaries of Enid Baxter Blader is an ongoing episodic series. A dog howls along with a harmonica; a road is flooded out; smoke billows into a tornado; a love triangle turns desperate; friends drink whiskey while playing with power tools; the rain keeps falling; lightening illuminates the desert; a lake bed fills with snow…this is small-time apocalypse.

The Secret Apocalyptic Love Diaries are shot with Frankenstein camera, a homemade contraption built with parts of 1960’s T.V. cameras — it occasionally shoots off sparks. Images flicker and disintegrate. Score performed on Blader’s banjo, guitar, and mandolin.

The Secrect Apocalyptic Love Diaries were exhibited in the J.Paul Getty Museum’s Retrospective “California Video, 1968—Present” and is a part of the Getty’s Permanent Collection. The companion text, California Video: Artists and Histories, which features Enid’s work, is available on

In addition, The Secret Apocalyptic Love Diaries has been screened at the ULCA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; the Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland; Other Cinema, San Francisco; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood; Tina Kim Fine Art, New York; Torrance Museum of Art; Thailand New Media Arts Festival, Bankok; Aurora Picture Show, Austin, TX; Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles; Cinematexas, Austin, TX; Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles; Glendale College Art Museum, Glendale; and the Rose Hills Theater, Claremont, CA.

The Secrect Apocalyptic Love Diaries has been written about in The New York Times.

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