Stuck On A Hammerhead

Digital film, 3 minutes, 2004

Every three months I make a new installment in my Secret Apocalyptic Love Diaries. They screen regularly at Other Cinema in San Francisco.

To make this installment I rented a Buick filled it up with Alcohol and Peanut Butter sandwiches, took my Frankenstein camera that I built and drove to Cedar City, Utah.

Craig Baldwin likes this. That’s a big deal, people.

Stuck on Hammerhead has screened at Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA; Tina Kim Fine Art, New York, NY; Torrance Museum of Art, Torrance, CA; Aurora Picture Show, Austin, TX; Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA; Best of Aurora, Texas Commission of Arts, Austin, TX; Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Balch Theater, Claremont, CA and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood, CA

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