Radio Nowhere

Digital video, 6 minutes, 2002

Radio Nowhere was shot with a junky camera while walking a German Shephard Puppy. It’s about Los Angeles and how you can get lost in the cracks between the palm trees and cement stars. It’s a mostly true totally false story, in which Patsy Cline sings me and Irene’s joined subconscious soundtrack. Irene likes it more than I do. I have since moved out of the temple, but she called the other day to tell me not to sue her like all the damn gypsies.

Radio Nowhere traveled the south as part of the Best of Aurora Picture Show II tour. It has screened at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood, CA; The Brewster Project, Brewster, New York ; DV Noir: Video Art in the Shadow of Hollywood, Center for the Arts,Museum, Escondido; Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA; MiniCine, Shreveport, LA; Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, TX; The Orange Show’s Cinema, Houston, TX ; Cinescape at The Hideout, Austin, TX; Best of Aurora, Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX; ArtHouse, Austin, TX; Texas Commission of Arts, Austin, TX; Motion Media Arts, Austin, TX; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood, CA and  Studio 210TWO, Los Angeles, CA

Most recently, Radio Nowhere screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles as part of the Combine Platter program, curated by Glenn Phillips.

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