16 mm, 2.5 minutes, 2003

Lucille re-enacts a scene in the movie Cool Hand Luke, where a country girl saunters out of her house and starts washing an old car, as the chain gang looks on from a ditch they are digging. George Kennedy’s character, Dragline, watches her panting and exclaiming “Anything that sweet and innocent has to be called Lucille “… His character fixates on the idea of her innocence as part of his fantasy of purse sexuality. Paul Newman’s character tells the other prisoners, “She knows exactly what she’s doing … she’s driving us crazy and loving every minute of it”. In Lucille, the title character washes a motorcycle, and seems to be creating a self-reflective sexual reverie. Her space is invaded by the man with the mirrored glasses (also a Cool Hand Luke reference) at the end of the piece.

Lucille has a cult following. The film is available on the LA Freewaves website and the Cherrybomb DVD compilation.  The Golden Arm Trio performed the score.

Lucille has screened at Optica Festival, Gijon, Asturias, Spain; The Horse Hospital in London; The ArcLight Theater, Hollywood;LA Freewaves, The RedCat Theater, Disney Hall, Los Angeles, CA; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA; Art/Ineractive Gallery, Cambridge, MA; Best of Z Film Fest, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL; Shock A Go-Go Film Fest, Vine Theater, Los Angeles, CA; Women in the Director’s Chair, Chicago, IL and Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX

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