A letter from Congressman Sam Farr on my latest exhibit

I am pleased to bring your attention to the exceptional multimedia exhibit at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History: “Planet Ord”, a series of displays focusing on the history and evolution of Fort Ord. The base is brought to life in a series of still, multi-media, and oral presentations that tie together the rich military history and the rapidly changing landscape of this city-sized National Monument in Monterey.

Many are unaware that Fort Ord was once the largest military training base in the country and boasts the longest period of military presence, hosting soldiers from 1799 to today.  In more recent times, Fort Ord proudly became the first racially integrated military base in the United States. Over its history, Fort Ord has hosted over a million individuals and helped to mold each of their individual stories. And that legacy continues – a state veterans’ cemetery that will honor veterans and their families, the establishment of the 21st California State University campus, an affordable housing requirement, and National Monument status.

I am so pleased that a sampling of these stories is being put on display to engage our community in learning about its diverse past.  The films, photographs, and maps telling the story of Fort Ord will be on display from now until July 20, 2104. The collaborative efforts of students from California State University Monterey Bay and Monterey’s own Champion of the Arts award winner, Enid Baxter Ryce, portray the rich history of the base.

The Central Coast has a rich artistic history, and it is exhibits like this that help to maintain a strong appreciation for our Central Coast history.  I am a strong supporter of the arts at the federal level.  I recently supported a $154 million funding request for the National Endowment for the Arts for this fiscal year.  The continued funding of arts programs is critical to the growth and cultural education of our society.

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