Current Large-Scale Projects

Planet Ord

This portion of our project functions as travelogue. We offer evidence of our explorations of the abandoned city that surrounds us. We endeavor to systematically document the landscape, murals painted by generations of soldiers stationed at the base, and the architecture that still stands. The images depict the inevitable destruction of institutional architecture, the reverberation of globally significant history, and the muteness of artworks now hanging in sealed darkness.

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Project Details

  • Exploring the ruins, history, ecology and community of Fort Ord, the largest Army base in the American West.
  • A website that includes documentation of over 1000 murals painted by soldiers
  • A series of museum exhibitions, including at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and Monterey Museum of Art
  • A film program screening at the Philip Glass Days and Nights Festival and the Smithsonian’s National Gallery Theater
  • Forthcoming monograph to be published by McSweeney’s
  • A subject of a ICW presentation at the Huntington