Current Large-Scale Projects


A community-driven, pop up film festival which partners up with local organizations to create free documentary screening events, with the aim of reflecting multicultural perspectives, spark dialogue and sharing communal experiences.

Ambulante California is a 501c3 non–profit organization that focuses on supporting and promoting documentary film as a tool for social and cultural change. The mobile film series travels to areas with limited access to film to diversify and democratize documentary culture.

Ambulante activates unique public exhibition spaces and curates a selection of documentaries that reflect multicultural perspectives, spark dialogue, and enhance cross-cultural appreciation. Ambulante offers 100% of its programming for free. In addition to the annual festival, the non-profit works year round to present community screenings in collaboration with other non-profits and civic organizations. The aim is to build an extensive network of partners to launch Ambulante film tours across the U.S.

(For its inaugural edition, the 2014 Ambulante California Documentary Film Festival partnered with over 40 community partners to organize 15 screening events in 13 different public venues across the Metropolitan Los Angeles Area from September 21 to October 4.)

Ambulante California emerges as part of Ambulante Global. Ambulante’s model originated in 2005 from the Mexican non-profit founded by actors and filmmakers Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Pablo Cruz and Elena Fortes

Project Details

  • California central coast programmer
  • Organizing screenings in Greenfield, Seaside, Castroville, and Watsonville, CA.